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I am a motorcycle technician with lots of experience working on Japanese and European dirt bikes, street bikes and cruisers. I have spent lots of time doing everything from routine maintenance to full engine rebuilds and everything in between.

This 2007 zx6r came to me to me not running and with what seemed to be a seized engine. The owner said that he was riding along on the freeway when the engine lost power and suddenly shut off. After dissassembly, it was apparent that a faulty cam chain guide had clogged the oil pickup and starved the engine of oil, resulting in two bad rods and both camshafts welding themselves into the cylinder head. After replacing all the crankshaft, connecting rods, their respective bearings, and the cylinder head it was as good as new!
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The owner of this 2005 R1 came to me saying that his bike was overheating badly. After fixing a large coolant leak and replacing a faulty thermostat, the problem still persisted. Once I preformed a leak down test of the cooling system it was clear that the overheating had caused the head gasket to leak.
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