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I've worked in the food and beverage industry for the last decade. Interested in builds of all kinds.

These are a few examples of parts we make for use in our assemblies and finished products. We have Waterjet, 2.5D CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, and commercial welding capabilities, as well as various other fabrication and finishing options. We can waterjet nearly any material in a variety of thicknesses. We are well versed in welding stainless, aluminum, and steel in tube, bar, plate, and sheet form. We are capable of small to medium run CNC projects in various materials, as well as prototype work. Our in-house designer can help accomplish anything from ground-up design to selection of proper material grade for your particular application. We also have good relationships with several finishing shops to aid in graining, anodize, powdercoat, laser etch, pretty much anything you might need!
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