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Be A Maker (B.A.M.) members welcome all those who want to share their project ideas, need assistance and want to brainstorm solutions, tinker or want to learn new skills. Members like meeting twice a month and most of the time an hour is not enough. We like meeting new people, collaborating or helping each other. The members of this group like sharing their knowledge. We welcome new members at every meeting.

It is constructed with an old table. That was cut out to accommodate a large display. A metal frame was welded to attach the display to the table. The controllers are just off the shelf arcade buttons and joystick. The system running the emulators is a raspberry pi 2 with retropie.
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An IoT device that connects to Facebook, enabling the device to periodically check a linked page's Like count. When the count increases, the Like Light subsequently lights up. You can use this unique device for any type of event or promotion.
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